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  • AARUSH provides the third party services for manufacturers and subcontractors related to printed wiring boards and local thickness of metallic coatings.


AARUSH testing and calibration laboratory is established with its testing facility for metallographic testing & calibration services for Mechanical and Thermal devices at Hootagalli Industrial Area (a suburb of Mysore) in 2013 in an ambient Location.

AARUSH is the India’s first independent NABL Accredited metallographic testing lab for crossection analysis of printed wiring boards, Solder joint crossection analysis of Through hole and SMD components, Press fit connector crossection Analysis and evaluation of conformal coating thickness measurement.

AARUSH performs testing for checking the reliability of Printed wiring boards, Solder Joint analysis of electronic packages, PTH integrity of press fit connectors, evaluation of conformal coating measurements of gold, copper, silver, nickel, tin lead thickness, and other local thickness of metallic coatings, oxide layers, and porcelain or vitreous enamel coatings etc and provides the calibration services for Thermal and Mechanical Instruments.

The Company has professionals who are qualified with skills and have experience in the testing and calibration for professional applications with focus to meet the testing and calibration requirements as per the customer requirement.


Microsectioning or Metallographic is a destructive evaluation which is often necessary to evaluate quality of the laminate system,

Mechanical Calibration

Aarush Testing and Calibration lab is involved in offering pressure and vacuum calibration services.

Thermal Calibration

Aarush Lab Services offers a range of calibration facilities in Thermal discipline to meet the requirements of national/NPL Standards.

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